Why Can’t Adults Write With Crayons?

May 25, 2006 at 7:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi, whoever you are. I’m still finding my way around this thing, so bear with me. Hehe, bear. I don’t actually have a bear with me. It’d be cool though. Anyway. This may or may not be the right place to be putting a little welcome note, but soddit, it’ll do. So, welcome. This is now the public space for the stuff I write (beats letting it figuratively moulder in hidden computer files, and my printer doesn’t work so I can’t go hassling people with hard copies any more). Have a nose around, make a comment if you like, it’s the only way I’ll learn! Like I’ve said somewhere else on this thing (although it seems to have vanished at the moment), none of the things you’ll read on here are actually finished – they’re all works in progress. I would love to finish writing something – anything! – and publish it, but I’m a lazy perfectionist. It could take a while.



  1. shewalksinbeauty said,

    You are writing everything as pages…try writing them as posts and it will be a lot easier for people to navigate…

    I enjoy reading your stuff though…I love your sense of humor!! 🙂

  2. marionette said,

    Ah… I have so much to learn about wordpress. Thank you. And thanks for the compliment. And don’t feel lonely, there’s always us lot here in cyberspace!

  3. chitty said,

    Hey Marionette,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I meant to respond earlier, but I found it difficult to navigate the pages and discover which one is your latest post.
    Have a wonderful 2007 and don’t be a stranger now!

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